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Feel your best everyday by fuelling your sleep and recovery every night with ingredients scientifically shown to improve mind - body - immunity - heart.

Nutrition is the foundation of good sleep.

RevivePM was created to be as healthy and guilt-free as possible as a nightly treat. Every supplement contains microdoses of all-natural herbal ingredients that have been shown to improve your body's natural ability to fall and stay asleep!

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Packed with superfoods & 100% naturally sourced ingredients.

Improves Sleep Time


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Relaxes Mind


We believe everyone deserves a quality night's sleep

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Sail to your dreamland swiftly every night with RevivePM for beauty. Pop 2 capsules to be the sleepy bunny and wake up with flawless skin.

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What is RevivePM?

RevivePM is a natural & nutritional sleep supplement with the sole goal to help you and your loved ones, Sleep Well & Dream Happy.