Control the Controllables

Control the Controllables

Oftentimes when we have birthdays, our friends will give us grief about how old we are becoming. A common joke at 25 is you are halfway to being old as dirt. We often say these things as jokes, but also as assumptions. We assume that everyone is going to make it to 50. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case. We have an alarming rate of people who are dying young. Heart-related disease, obesity, cancer, overdose, and so much more are too common. However, there is good news. We can help ourselves prevent these outcomes. 

We need to control the things that we can, while we can, and live every day as if it could be our last. We need to control things such as our diet, exercise, sleep, and stress while we live our life to the fullest. Tomorrow could bring wonderful opportunities that you need to seize, but if you are negligent in the things you could control, those opportunities begin to dwindle. 

This is why we always express the importance of building a proper foundation for life. Let's start by dissecting the phrase “control what you can control.” It is easy to wake up in the morning on a rainy day and make up an excuse as to why you would be better off nestled in bed for 30 more minutes rather than going for a morning walk. But what would happen if it rained for a month straight? Would you let that get in the way of your health? Because at the end of the day, you can’t control whether it rains or not. But you can absolutely shift your mindset to see the rain from a positive perspective. You can learn to enjoy the rush of the cold air as it stimulates all your senses when you step outside. You can focus on enjoying the flow state that you get into when you detach and go for a walk. You cannot control the weather, but you can control your thoughts and attitudes as you go through the beautiful dance of life. 

Regardless of your age, occupation, or calling in life, try to focus on controlling what you can control. Don’t make excuses for failures. Learn from them. Take every lesson that life has for you and observe it through a positive lens. And most of all, never stop learning until the day you die. Controlling your moods and thoughts is the first step to building a solid foundation for life. 

As John Gay once said, “There is no dependence that can be sure but a dependence on one’s self.” No one is coming to save you. Start becoming the person you want to be right now. 

Here at Yellowstone, we want nothing more than for you to live your happiest and healthiest lifestyle. We want you to have amazing life experiences just like us, and we would love nothing more than to hear about them. Please share how you are controlling the controllable in your life while you’re experiencing a life worth living. Tag us in your posts on Instagram and use #yellowstonelife so that we can share them with our wonderful and active community that drives us to be better every day. 

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