Is Life Living You?

Is Life Living You?

Recently I was having a conversation with a close friend about how most people float through life and allow themselves to be influenced by whatever short-term attractions grasp their attention. In different terms, people allow life to live them, instead of going out and living life. 

There’s a massive difference there that seems very obvious; however, it comes down to doing. Are you seizing life’s opportunities? Or are you going to work, coming back home, and sitting on the couch until you go to bed? Don’t get me wrong, there are massive benefits to having lazy days, and we all need them, but at the end of your life, are you going to say, “thank goodness I watched that many movies and only took one vacation a year.” 

I’m going to let you in on the secret behind every self-improvement book ever written: You become your thoughts. That’s right, you become what you think about most. If you decide that you want to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro, and all you think about is the process of hiking the mountain, the view at the top, and the grueling hours of hard work and discipline that a task like that requires, then you will eventually start to identify yourself as a mountain climber. By deciding who you want to be in life, consciously reinforcing those beliefs, and nurturing the proper habits, you can become your ideal future self. Start identifying as that person right now. 

Odds are, you were raised thinking that living is working hard for 40+ hours a week just so that you could get that one vacation to Florida, Cancun, or some other extremely over-visited place by Americans. I am here to serve the same purpose as your phone’s alarm. To be that constant, annoying reminder to wake up and take on the day. You are very capable of seeing the world, and tasting everything that it has to offer. 

If you think I’m speaking from the top, looking down, here’s my proof. I just found a flight from Las Vegas to Zagreb, Croatia for $400 on three days’ notice. Now you’re probably thinking, “where would I stay when I get there?” or “no way I could afford to stay there.” Well, once again you are wrong. I found an AirBnB for a month, priced at $770. That is most likely cheaper than your rent in most places in the U.S. 

My point is, do not let life live you. You must go out and live life. These opportunities aren’t always going to hunt you down either. You must go out and find them yourself. Attack life every day like you’re going to die, because one day, you’re going to. 

I will leave you with a quote to consider from Joshua Medcalf’s book Chop Wood Carry Water:

“The point of life is not to arrive safely at death. Don’t believe that lie. On your deathbed, you will regret the mountains you chose not to climb. You won’t regret the bumps, bruises, broken bones, and scars you got from the ones you did climb.”

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