Dear Yellowstone Community Member,
Every time we leave our homes, there is a chance we get sick. But if we live our lives in fear of sickness, we aren't out doing what we're called to do or experiencing the world.
It's time for you to feel rested, energized, & confident your immune system is running strong and ready to defend you while traveling. Life shouldn't be lived in fear. You deserve a strong immune system & a healthy, happy life.
As an avid traveler myself, I've been all over the world and seen extraordinary things. However, every flight I took was a roll of the dice of whether or not I would get sick and spend the next few days ill and recovering. This caused a lot of anxiety about flying and travel in general. I began to notice family and friends, some who traveled a lot for work or leisure and others who worked as flight attendants, suffering from constantly being sick and tired whenever they traveled. It made me realize that I wasn't the only one out there who seemed to get sick every time they traveled. I was determined to find a solution.
I put together a world-class team, founded Yellowstone Natural Nutrition (after my favorite place to travel to), and got started. After years of study, research, trial & error, using ourselves as test subjects, more failures, and success, we arrived at Revive PM. Finally, a way to fly and travel worry free about getting sick!
Now it's your turn to use the power of restorative sleep & scientifically backed natural herbs and vitamins to stay healthy while traveling. Instead of band-aid approaches to health, try a holistic approach. Build a robust immune system as your foundation for a healthy, happy, vitalized life, even with frequent travel.
Let Revive PM™ guide you to the confidence of having a strong immune system that can handle the rigors of travel - while you get the best sleep of your life. Don't live in fear; the world's a better place when we get out and travel.
Kirk Underwood, CSCS NSCA